Ganja Tales Book

What evil lurks in the minds of potheads? Not too much other than finding bud and munchies; but that doesn’t mean you can’t write an entire book about the events in the life of stoners. Ganja Tales “Ganja Tales” is Craig Pugh’s answer to “Pot Stories for the Soul”- a similar but less enjoyable book, produced in part by High Times, about the adventures of marijuana users.

Ganja Tales is a collection of 9 short stories dealing with things we enjoy, think, or worry about- finding weed, glass blowing, getting pulled over, growing your own, relationships, etc… If you’re looking for a book to learn from or inspire you, keep looking. Ganja Tales is pure enjoyment and a voyeuristic look into the lives or some potheads.

One thrilling chapter was “Slingin'” which involved cars, guns, and ghetto problems. I can’t say more or I’ll ruin the story. In the chapter “Torched”, we get the ultimate in stoner wisdom with the advice: Never trust a pit bull tripping shrooms. These stories are great and don’t need to be read in order. They’re just short enough so that everyone can enjoy them- even if you have ADD.

As in life, you take the good with the bad. This book isn’t afraid to show the sometimes seamy side of the cannabis culture: whether the cops are on your tail, you’re competing with local growers for the title of “King Cannabis”, problems with your crappy job, or even finding yourself on all fours trying to locate at least a small nugget from under your roommate’s mattress- it’s all here in this book.