Hello Neighbor Lip Balm

Nothing attracts trouble like the lingering smell of marijuana smoke. I should know- that’s how I got busted. There are lots of ways to mask your smoking, and here is a relatively new product based on an old idea.

Hello Neighbor resembles lip balm so you can use it without notice at home, concerts, or anywhere. It’s incredibly easy to use- just exhale through it! The smoke then passes through a scented filter discretely eliminating noticeable smoke odors and all other offending odors. It’s said to be good for 1001 uses and comes in Cherry, Coconut, and Jasmine.

I’ve been testing Hello Neighbor for a little more than a week, and it works great. The cherry scent somewhat reminds me of the urinal mints in a men’s room, but that’s all good. The only change in your smoking pattern is that blowing through a small cylinder means you’ll have to exhale longer (imagine blowing through a thick straw). You can force your breath through Hello Neighbor, but it’s still not as easy as exhaling normally. That being the only drawback- you should definitely try Hello Neighbor if you’re ever in a position where smoking can get you into trouble.