Marijuana Lighters

You’ve got your bowl packed and it’s 4:19. Where’s your lighter?

Someone pocketed your lighter during the last session, huh? A lighter flies across the room and you think you’re back in business but you struggle with it. Your friends laugh and say, “hold it down, flip the tab, shake it twice, and pray to Jah.” Let’s face it- the only people who can use child-proof lighters are children.

Here’s some lighters that will fix both problems! The Marijuana Lighters available from NowLOL feature our favorite designs: pot leaves, nuggs, joints, bongs, zig zags, and more. There’s even cameo appearances by Reefer Ron and Leaf Man with special messages like “build bongs, not bombs.”

Did I mention that they are NOT childproof? No more fumbling and no more sore thumbs! These lighters are adjustable to the max. And with these phatt designs, no one will dare claim your lighter is theirs. At 50 cents each, (qty of 10) you can’t afford not to get these lighters.

So, what do you want? A plain pain-in-the-ass lighter for 99 cents at the local gas station; or a sweet, easy to use, stoner-friendly design for 50 cents?