Orange Chronic cleaners by Fluid Concepts

Orange Chronic cleaners by Fluid Concepts provides a complete line of cleaning solutions for all of your smoking needs. There are three indispensable products: carper cleaner, air freshener, and pipe cleaner.

Oops! Spill Cleaner: If you have a bong and a carpet, then you most likely have bong water on your carpet. I know your pain- your friend or significant other comes over to have a smoke, and the next thing you know, your piece gets kicked over and that foul smelling bong water is forming a puddle on your floor. Orange Chronic’s Spill Cleaner will neutralize the odor in no time! Just spray onto the spill area and blot it dry. The spill cleaner’s smell reminds me a lot of when my mother had her carpet professionally cleaned. I tested the cleaner on a piece of carpet that had at least 3 spills on it and had a funky stench. It’s been a week now and the smell hasn’t come back! I give this product two thumbs up.

Smoke Out Air Freshener: One of the most dangerous things is marijuana smoke- no, not because it’s bad for you but because it’ll land you in jail. It just takes one brainwashed “do-gooder” to take a whiff of the ganja and then call the cops. Unfortunately, this is exactly how yours truly got arrested. Your best bet is an air freshener. They come in many different forms from blow tubes and sprays to incense and candles.

One of my favorite air fresheners has been Ozium which was originally marketed for the car care industry but is now showing up in headshops. Unfortunately, it is very overpriced and not so environmentally friendly. Orange Chronic’s Air Freshener works even better, smells better, is non-aerosol, and costs less. The scent is extracted from natural oranges and masks the smoke odor well. Another awesome product!

Super Hero of Pipe Cleaners: Now that your carpet and airspace are smelling fresh, why not clean your bong? Orange Chronic started with the basic formula of alcohol with a salt abrasive and improved it. This product cleans your pipe just as well as Formula 420®, so let’s focus on the differences:

My biggest peeve with F420 is that the large-grained grit they use tends to clog the nozzle. The bottle is not transparent, so you can’t see if it has mixed well. Orange Chronic fixes these problems: The clear bottle allows you to see the even distribution of their unique abrasive, Magic Micro-Scrubs, among the liquid. Since both products work equally as well, the determining factor should be the price. Waterpipes are cleaned easily, but its downtube and your bowls may require some soaking to remove 100% of the baked-on resin from every nook and cranny. A non-alcohol pipe cleaner for acrylic pipes will be available soon.