Permagrin Pipes

Some purists would say that a glass pipe is the only way to fully enjoy your herbs. However, some features would make glass waterpipes cost prohibitive to most of us. The biggest option that comes to mind is dual chambers. For those who don’t know, a dual chambered waterpipe (aka bong) has two or more sections that hold water or ice which filter the smoke.

Filtering smoke through water captures ash particles and other carcinogens that would otherwise enter your lungs. The water also adjusts the temperature of the smoke, giving a more pleasurable hit. Another fact and trick is that warm or hot water filters more carcinogens than cold water; but icy cold water gives a smoother pull of smoke. That’s where dual chambers come in- you can have hot water in the first chamber and cold water in the second.

Back to the point- creating a glass bong with multiple chambers can be labor intensive. Personally, I’ve never seen a dual chambered glass bong for under $200. So, what else can be used? Acrylic, of course! In steps Permagrin Pipes.

All Permagrin Pipes are individually handcrafted with the finest materials available. They start with the thickest acrylic tubing and custom build each and every one. Most have features such as stash holders or lighter holders. All Permagrin Pipes come fully equipped with bowls, stems, grommets, plugs, pokers and a poker sheath mounted on one of the chambers.

The picture to the right shows the piece we reviewed. Because each piece is hand made, you know you’re getting a unique piece. But the best part is that you can custom design your own dream pipe and have it made just for you. 6 chambers and 6 foot lengths are available.

The Loaded Double Barrel shown here is available for $29.99 for a limited time. And believe me- it gives a smooth hit. (Of course, we tested it with legal herbal blends, mmkay?) My favorite feature is the twisted main chamber- the smoke spirals up and around the tube like a heavenly tornado of happiness.

Other great features are the bowl poker with poker holder, the built in nugg jar which holds your stash, and even lighter holders. If I could make one change, it would be to add a glass stem set as an alternative to the metal bowl. Otherwise these are awesome pipes, carefully hand crafted, and a great value for the benefits they offer. One hit out of these, and you’ll have a permagrin.