As the name suggest, this marijuana plant is made from Silk and it has fooled many people. This novelty isn’t just a great decoration, it can also be used for presentations. I wish I had this plant when I gave my first oral report on why marijuana should be legal.

If you went to the winter ’99 Phish show in Hartford, CT you might have seen me walking around with this plant. I got many smiles and people asking me if it was a real plant. The big benefit a silk plant has over real marijuana is that you won’t get busted for it.

I keep my plant on a shelf in my living room and many people have noticed it. Most of the time, people have to get within two feet before they Click Here for a Larger View can tell it’s fake. Even one chap who grew marijuana had to feel the plant before he realized it wasn’t real.

On a related note, my godfather is sculpting a horse. Instead of creating a model of a general horse, he decided to make it a specific breed. Silkweeds takes the opposite approach- making one plant that fits all bills. Anyone who knows cannabis can tell the difference between various strains of marijuana, or at least the difference between hemp, marijuana, and male & female plants.

That being said, this isn’t a perfect plant because it’s a mix of all types of cannabis. It’s 12 to 14″ high, so it’s not really representative of a mature, budding plant. If you’re so anal-retentive that you want an exact replica of a plant, you better make one yourself because such a product doesn’t exist- especially at this low price! So take a bonghit and relax. This is a great item to stick on your desk or shelf and watch how people react. (Click on the leaf for a close-up view)