The Gratefull Heads hand pipe

The Gratefull Heads of Underground Enterprises are clay fired pipes shaped as skulls and hand painted in a variety of designs.

As you can see, the eye sockets are the bowls. Having two bowls is very convenient- you can share with a friend and each have your own private bowl. It also cuts down on the amount of refills you have to make, allowing you to “puff, puff, give” longer.

The second major feature is the head itself. Unlike your normal handpipes, the large, hollow cranium holds a lot more smoke! This sucker hits like a champ and will knock you on your ass.

If you smoke often, I would recommend a water pipe or bubbler because the water filtration is easier on your lungs. However, at $15 to $20 dollars, you can easily afford a head as a second pipe.

Dead fans will love the “steal yer head” and “thanks Jerry” pipes, but there is a design for every person. You can even get custom text on your head. Each pipe comes with a draw-string pouch. Get a head for your collection!